CES 2017 - Klipsch Heritage Headphones

Abt Electronics talks to Klipsch about their Heritage headphones (hp-1, hp-2, hp-3). Klipsch Heritage Headphones embody the craft-built, hand-made qualities of our premium loudspeakers, delivering incredible performance in an artisan package. Choice woods and machined copper accents, along with supple leather details provide an elevated experience for the discerning audiophile. Fitted with biocellulose drivers, each construct uses free-edge diaphragms like a true hi-fi speaker driver, not a single thin sheet of plastic like most headphones. Delivering amazing detail and clarity at both ends of the sound spectrum, while providing an exception tactile experience, these headphones are truly worthy of the Heritage name. The new Heritage range of headphones consisting of multiple models with a top of the line product that incorporates Klipsch’s first semi-open headphone design. “In a sea of plastic headphone options, Klipsch Heritage Headphones are crafted from machined metal, milled wood, and hand-selected full grain cow hide. Klipsch Heritage headphones deliver the style and legendary sound of Klipsch’s 70 year legacy,” said Steve Jain, VP and general manager, Klipsch. Learn More at http://www.klipsch.com/ces-2017